Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management


“ Virtual Shopping Centre”

Promotech design Marketplace websites which connect vendors and customers looking to conduct business together, and the websites primarily make money by earning a commission on each transaction that takes place on the site. Some sites also make money from subscriptions (for frequent users) or upselling extra perks (e.g. rush delivery).

Promotech gets you started fast with the tools and features to launch and grow your marketplace.

Service quality control

We Create automated rules around service provider performance, ratings & reviews to control quality and customer satisfaction.

Location management

Easily manage multiple locations where services can be provided , with addreses valiadated by our google maps integration.

Service provider user interface

Easy to use & mobile friendly, give your service providers a robust set of tools to manage all of their marketplace activity.

Calendar scheduling

Offer flexible scheduling options to customers who want to request their preffered date, or book a time slot based on availability.

Book, Pay & ensure service

Increase conversion by allowing customers to checkout once, reserve and pay online, and ensure the services were provided.

Cross-sell & upsell services

We allow to Connect the right services to products and start selling complete “solutions” to cover your customers’ needs.

Tailored customer experience

Craft your customer experience, surfacing real-time data, provider reviews and service options to support a smooth buyer journey.
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